From Manila, take South Luzon Expressway and exit at the second to the last exit (to Batangas).  Drive 6.5 kms and turn right on Star Tollway.  Exit at Ibaan/San Jose.  Right after paying at the tollgate, follow the sign to Ibaan (turn left).
     When you see the sign "alternate route to Lipa", turn left into that narrow road.  At the end of that short narrow road, turn right.  (You will see Petron gas station on your left.) Shortly after that, you will see a yellow outpost, turn left.
     Keep going (through Rosario and on to San Juan) until you see the San Juan municipio.  Turn right at that corner.  You will see many resort signs.  This is the road to Laiya.
     After Virgin Resort, you will see a big parking area on the left side and then you will see resort signages (Tivona, Balai, Acuatico, etc.) Turn left into that winding access road. When you come to the white wall, turn right to enter compound at the end where Balai and Tivona are located. 

     From San Juan municipio, keep going and turn left at the first fork you see (this goes to Rosario while other road goes to Padre Garcia).  Stay on the main road and when you come to a fork with the yellow outpost, turn right.  (Landmark: Petron gas station.) Turn left immediately at the first corner (you'll see "alternate route.." sign).  Turn right at the end of that narrow road. When you reach Star Tollway, follow all signs to Manila.

     From Cubao (or any other point on EDSA), take bus to Batangas City.  Get off at Lipa.  There is a van terminal nearby where you can find a van that will take you to San Juan.  When you get to San Juan, go to the market area and take a jeep to Laiya.  The road is around 26kms long (more than half hour ride).  Get off where you see signages of Balai, Acuatico, Tivona, etc. and walk to resort entrance.