Only guests booked in our non air-conditioned kubos are allowed to bring and cook their own meals.  We do not charge corkage.

Those booked in our air-conditioned rooms may avail of a la carte meals at approximately P200/person per meal.  Just be sure to inform us at least 2 hours before mealtime so that arrangements can be made.  
Other options:

1. Buffet meals at Balai - special arrangements may be made with Balai for buffet meals at this price:
    Lunch/Dinner - P350
    Breakfast - P250
Call the Balai office at 240-2927 to book your meals at least a week ahead of your stay.

2. Taramindu (next door to Balai)
- a la carte dishes priced at approximately P150-P250

3. Acuatico (beside Sabangan)
- a la carte main dishes priced at approximately P250-P450
- buffet meals at P350+ for breakfast and P500+ for lunch/dinner

4. Kappe Brako (2nd floor, La Playa Pitstop) along the main road (3kms from Tivona)
- meals, snacks, coffee drinks priced at P50-P150

5. Kainan Express (inland, at home site across the main road)
- lutong bahay type foods with viands at approximately P20-P30